National heritage restoration

Our goal is to integrate our restoration works into the old structures and use ageing and patina techniques to maintain perfect harmony. We focus on classified buildings or buildings of great heritage value to sustain our ancestors’ work.

We help to preserve the existing structures with full respect to the work carried out in the past.

Depending on the materials used during construction we use ‘foraine’ brick or mud-brick as well as stone.

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Traditional masonry

S.G.R.P offers a full range of services in stone masonry.
In accordance with the design and heritage of the building we give priority to discreet restoration work while maintaining and recovering existing structures and materials when possible.

We offer the following services :
- Traditional limestone masonry (brick or stone)
- Rubble stone and regular stone masonry
- Create openings and integrating them in the building
- Outdoor walls and portal pillars
- Consolidation of walls or structural reinforcement
- Genoise tiling (old and terracotta tiles)
- Demolition and clearing of ruins, etc...

Lime plaster, exterior stone veneer and distemper

When we apply coating, whether it’s for new and refurbished coatings or for repairing old existing ones, we use etching techniques to obtain harmonisation. We make our own lime plaster. Depending on the desired grain size and tone we use different types of sand. The choice of colour and grain finishing is an essential part of our work as it allows us to better adapt to what is already in place.
We use different techniques depending on the desired finishing. It is also possible to apply exterior stone veneer when the trimming allows it or repointing of ‘foraine’ brick and coursed stone walls.

Lime for distempering and etchings can also be used for finishing. 


We offer different kinds of finishing for both indoor and outdoor flooring. We lay screed with lime mortar or with glue depending on the project:
- Stone paving
- Paving
- Stone tiling and cabochon (or marble and cabochon)
 - New or recuperated terracotta floor tiles – manual finishing.
- Stabilised soil, limestone, etc..